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General Dentist Bay Ridge

General Dentist Bay Ridge

Are you coping with missing teeth from your smile, but cannot afford to be treated through dental implants? This mode of treatment, while being highly effective, can also be vastly expensive and can put patients through up to six months of painful healing time. However, there are more affordable and less invasive procedures which can still work to effectively to restore your smile. Through bridges and dentures from your local Bay Ridge general dentist you receive effective care for your smile restoration in a way that fits your life and your budget. Our welcoming and knowledgeable team at the offices of Henry Young can explain to you the many options for bridges and dentures to find the perfect fit for a beautiful and healthy smile.

Fixed Prosthodontics Bay Ridge

Fixed Prosthodontics Bay Ridge

If you are missing only one or two teeth from your smile, you can still get the care you need to replace these lost teeth without the need for dental implants through partial dentures. Partial dentures can be fixed or removable. Removable dentures work to repair your smile through the use of a dental prosthodontics that is then attached securely into your mouth through the use of intricate metal wires. Metal clips hold the false tooth or teeth in when you need them, and allow for easy removable for cleaning as directed by your local Bay Ridge general dentist. Prosthodontics can be crafted from a variety of materials at the patient’s choosing to create a natural appearance that will perfectly match the look of your smile.

Bridges are in fact simply another term for a fixed partial denture, called such for the method in which they work to correct the gaps in your smile caused by teeth lost either from injury or dental decay. These dental prosthodontics are secured for a lifetime into place by way of adhering themselves onto the adjacent teeth, in essence, bridging the gap to recreate your beautiful smile. Bridges can be made of various materials, just like removable dentures, though often porcelain is the most preferred material of choice at your local Bay Ridge general dentist. Porcelain can be made to match the color and shape of any tooth, and has the unique ability of resisting staining better than your teeth for a lasting and permanent solution to restore your smile.

If you are concerned about the pain or costs associated with dental implants, or cannot receive this type of oral health care due to problems with the bone in your jaw, you can find the smile restoration you need through bridges and dentures from your local Bay Ridge general dentist. Our team at the offices of Henry Young, DDS utilizes state of the art technology to craft beautiful prosthodontics for a perfect fit within your smile. Dr. Young’s thirty plus years of experience are exactly what patients can count on for personalized and professional care to restore their smiles to a beautiful and healthy appearance.

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