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Bayridge General Dentist

Bay Ridge General Dentist

In this day and age when so many cosmetic procedures are leaning toward a more natural look, why not want the same when it comes to fillings and tooth restorations? The latest dental fillings are made of ceramic and plastic compounds that look just like your natural teeth. These compounds, also called composite resins, are mostly used on the front teeth where you really want the look to be more natural. Depending on location and the extent of any tooth decay, they can also be used on the back teeth. Our Bay Ridge General Dentist, Henry Young, DDS is a recognized expert in his field and has been making smiles brighter for 30 years.

Family Dentist Bay Ridge

Family Dentist Bay Ridge

Staying educated and on the cutting edge of dental technology, Dr. Young now uses the tooth colored, composite resin dental fillings. They were created as an alternative to traditional metal dental fillings and are strong and durable. They give you a very natural looking smile and many dental insurance plans cover them. Our Bay Ridge General Dentist meticulously applies composite resin fillings in thin layers and slowly builds them up to form the whole filling. After each layer is applied, Dr. Young will put you under a bright dental light that will harden each layer until the filling is complete. Not only will no one be able to tell you even have fillings, but these composite fillings require less of the healthy part of your tooth to be removed to hold the filling in place because the materials that Dr. Young uses bond so well to your teeth. Before the final polishing, a special articulating paper will be used to fine-tune the height of your dental filling so that your bite remains correct.

Yes, these tooth-colored fillings are preferred for the obvious cosmetic reasons, but our Bay Ridge General Dentist may have to recommend a different type of material or restoration if the decayed area is large or is subject to heavy chewing pressure. Not to worry though as Dr. Young stays current with advances in modern dental materials, techniques and breakthroughs, and is dedicated to providing you with the most pleasing, natural looking smile available.

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