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Everyone snores from time to time. However, there is a large part of the population that consider themselves to be habitual snorers. The problem faced by people that snore is that snoring not only affects the snorer but the people around them. No one gets the quality of sleep they deserve when there is a snorer in the household. In many cases, snoring can be resolved with simple life style changes such as losing weight or using an oral appliance.  For extreme cases of snoring when sleep apnea is present, surgery is required to help ease snoring.  Snoring can pose a huge risk to a person health. Snoring and sleep apnea can lead to breathing interruption for more than 10 seconds, frequently waking up at night, sleeping lightly, day time drowsiness and an increase risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, enlargement of the heart, heart attacks and stroke. Stop snoring today, Dr. Henry Young provides the highest quality of Dental Care to his patients located in Bay Ridge and Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Call us today at (718) 513-9681 to learn more about treatment options for Sleep Apnea.

Why Do People Snore?

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As we breathe, air passes through a series of passage ways leading from the mouth or nose, through the throat and into the lungs. When we are standing or sitting, the mouth and throat, tissue and muscles are tight when used or pulled down with gravity. While we sleep, the passageways relax and can be partially blocked by a number of ways. When the air passes by the blocked tissue, it causes them to vibrate, and that’s what causes the sound of snoring.

What causes Snoring?

There are several issues that cause snoring; people that are obese tend to snore more than people that are not. During the allergy season or when a person has a sinus infection, this can cause snoring. Deviated Septum causes snoring as well as nasal polyps. Poor muscle tone in your throat or tongue this can cause airways to collapse. This leads to breathing issues and snoring. Aging also attribute to snoring.

What options do I have to treat my snoring?

Our Bay Ridge dental office, promotes several non-surgical treatments that can aid stop snoring. Weight loss would be a great non surgical alternative, studies have shown that losing weight will greatly decrease the snoring and sleep apnea, exercising will also lead to better quality of health and a more result night’s sleep. There are also several sleep aids available on the market today, products range from jaw retaining mouth pieces, tongue retaining mouth pieces or nasal strips and medication.

Should I get Surgery done for my snoring?

Snoring surgery is only considered for the most server cases, and the medical community is still going if there is any benefit to the long term effectiveness of the procedure. But there are many new surgical techniques that have an increased success rate for ending snoring. Adverse reactions to the snoring surgery are limited but may include: failure to stop snoring, fluid flowing back into the nasal cavity, a change in voice or nasal pain.

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